Why Choose Benjamin?

Whether you are just looking or a replacement plumbing fixture, or planning your next bathroom or kitchen remodel, we have the resources to help you get your job done right, on-budget and on-time.A visit to our showroom, containing one of the largest selections and in-stock inventory of leading brands in Arizona, will help us better understand your needs and give you a more complete idea of what is possible.

Our friendly and professional staff has years of experience in the business, and have worked with homeowners, interior designers, plumbing professionals and building contractors to make countless projects a success. We recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants so that we can set aside the time to give your product needs adequate attention.

Our Consultants

  • Ernie Guthrie

    A native of Illinois, Ernie obtained a Business Administration degree before moving to Dallas where he worked as a financial analyst for a major corporation. (He still is a numbers person and likes to work with his customers on understanding the value of their product investments.) There he met his wife of 30 years. Relocating to Tucson, he's been employed with Benjamin Supply for the past 20 years; raising two children and enjoying the Southwestern lifestyle.

    "Every customer is unique, and my job is to help consumers understand the many options in plumbing fixtures" says Ernie. "I like to customize selections, meeting specific design and technical applications while satisfying their personal requirements." He has a strong background in both remodel and new construction projects. His loyal customer base knows there is no better detail person.

    Outside of work, Ernie participates in bicycle riding and hiking. He appreciates the arts, enjoys reading and stays current with community and social issues. Favorite television shows include science, history and home improvement subjects. As one of the baby boomers at Benjamin, he knows quite a bit about healthy aging and making your home sustainable for the next phases of life.

  • Vicki Heiderman

    From the time she was born until age six, Vicki’s large Nebraska family lived in a farm house with no indoor plumbing. She believes this is why she chose plumbing wholesale as a career. For her it has been a lovely 35 year experience and her intention is for that to continue for many years to come. Her customers agree that the expertise is very valuable.

    "I so enjoy helping customers with their plumbing selection! Introducing people to fixtures that will improve and complement their lifestyles. One of my skills is narrowing down choices with a few simple questions about taste and expectations." This mindset is especially important considering the wealth of product in our beautiful Benjamin showroom.

    Vicki and her husband, Kevin have resided in Tucson since 1987. They enjoy hiking, biking, and simply spending time together. Kevin is a professional musician and plays with numerous local bands. From all aspects of life they like to discover the unique beauty in the Sonoran Desert and its wonderful inhabitants.

  • Alana Silva

    Alana Silva grew up right here in Tucson, where she attended the University of Arizona and obtained her degree from Eller College of Business. She was recruited directly from college to work in San Diego, to start her career in the plumbing and appliance industry. She excelled in a comprehensive training program that gave her a well rounded launch to being a showroom consultant. Since then she has helped create many dream homes from small one bathroom remodeling projects to whole house, multimillion dollar builds. Of the many amazing projects she worked on, the crown jewel of her time in San Diego was the 200 bathroom project for the City Front Terrace condominium development in the city center.

    Life had Alana move to Denver, Colorado where she worked for the state’s largest wholesale-only plumbing supply company in their downtown Denver showroom. She grew very proficient on focusing on the details of a customer’s designs and matching the very best solutions to the project. After several years, with the birth of her son, Alana came back to her hometown here in Tucson. At first she took a break to focus on her new family, but after some time her passion for helping people create their dream homes took hold once again - lucky for us.

  • Christy Karatyz

    Another ultra-experienced sales person, Christy has had a long-standing career working for plumbing specialty houses in El Paso, Scottsdale and Prescott before coming to Tucson to work with our customers. She has a very broad range of product knowledge and is excellent at knowing what manufacturers are optimal choices.

    At Benjamin Christy is among those bringing the fun to the environment. We count on her for some daily humor and upbeat inspirations. Tucson and Benjamin Supply are fortunate that she chose our city.

  • Michael Thompson

    From showroom associate to manufacturer's rep, Michael has had terrific immersion in the plumbing supply industry. That doesn't mention his experience as a career military officer or foray into the restaurant industry. After years of traveling from Tucson throughout the Southwest to call on wholesale showrooms, we were fortunate to have him land here at Benjamin Supply. He is always willing to delve into finding perfect solutions for customers and does it consistently with a smile.

  • Lisa Hanak

    Coming from Detroit, Michigan, Lisa has been at Benjamin Supply for nine of the over twenty years she has spent in Tucson. With 4 now grown children, 2 granddaughters and one on the way is is always ready for a challenge and thrives helping people. Lisa has done it all during her tenure at Benjamin, starting in reception before moving to accounting, then customer service, and finally sales. This makes her uniquely suited to go to bat for the customer on all fronts. She knows the entire process perfectly. If you asked her, she would say that her greatest strength as a Benjamin employee is her commitment to quality customer service. Some remark it is her kindness and willingness.

    She enjoys spending time with her family and is an especially fun grandmother.

  • Jose Aquirre

    Born in Nogales and raised in Tucson, Jose has been a knowledgeable resource in the plumbing industry for 28 years, 3 of which have been spent at Benjamin Supply. He enjoys designing bathrooms, specifically custom showers where he can apply his creativity to best suit each individual customer’s aesthetic and practical needs. Jose enjoys nature and local Tucson cuisine.

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