City of Tucson Water Conservation Rebate Information

Single Family Residences

Tucson Water is committed to helping our customers become more water efficient, both indoors and outdoors. Toilet flushing represents one of the largest uses of water inside a typical home, accounting for more than 25% of indoor daily use. Replacing older toilets with high-efficiency models is a cost-effective way to conserve our precious water supplies.
The Toilet RebateProgram is available to all Tucson Water customers who currently have a toilet that was manufactured prior to 1991 and use 3.5 gallons per flush or more. Benjamin Supply carries many toilets that qualify for these rebates and can help make sure you qualify.

To learn more about the program, click on the appropriate document below:
Tucson Water Toilet Rebate Brochure
Tucson Water Toilet Rebate FAQs
Tucson Water Toilet Rebate: Qualifying Toilets
Tucson Water Toilet Rebate Application: Single Family Residences

Commercial and Multifamily

Tucson Water offers similar rebates for toilets to commercial and multi-family properties. Download the documents below to learn more:
Commercial & Multifamily Rebate Brochure
Commercial & Multifamily Toilet Rebate Application

Commercial Food Service Establishments

Arizona Rinse Smart is a water efficiency program for the commercial food service industry. The program focuses on the replacement of high water-use spray valves with low-water-use spray valves.
Rinsesmart FAQs
Rinsesmart Application